Event Massages


Our Event Massage services are the ideal complement for all types of events to promote your brand and boost your business. From Chair Massage to Hand & Foot Massage, or Reflexology, our treatments are extremely popular and guarantee to attract your clientele and make your event special.

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Relax Nation

At Relax Nation our utmost goal is to create a peaceful and abundant atmosphere to clear any bad energy, work through muscle kinks, and fully relax into the present moment. We do this by focusing on health and wellness through a lens of environmentally friendly services. We believe the body is interconnected through mind, body, spirit, and earth. Our hope is that all our clients walk away feeling nurtured and encouraged to connect with this inner light. We’ll use tension-releasing massage techniques on your arms and legs. Don’t be surprised if people start to compliment your glow. We insist on delivering the most exquisite service in the comfort of your own home.